Witness intimidation is a cancer on the criminal justice system. Even defendants who are held without bail can find ways to attempt to keep witnesses from coming to court. Scott Shellenberger took bold action to protect witnesses by working with the Baltimore County Detention Center to tape inmate telephone calls. You can read about the program here.

The Death Penalty - A Voice for the Voiceless

Scott Shellenberger strongly believes that law enforcement should have every tool at their disposable in the battle against violent crime. That is why he believes Maryland should retain the death penalty. Scott was appointed by Governor O’Malley to the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment. As the only member of the Commission who has actually prosecuted a murderer who received the death penalty, Scott acted as a strong and steady voice for victims. While the Commission ultimately voted to recommend the repeal of the death penalty statute in Maryland, Scott continued his fight for victims by writing a well reasoned minority report urging the Legislature not to take this valuable tool from law enforcement. 

DNA - Bringing CSI to Maryland

DNA evidence is an invaluable law enforcement tool that brings violent offenders to justice. Scott Shellenberger took on the ACLU and the criminal defense bar to help pass Governor O’Malley’s DNA bill. This new law will enable the police to collect more DNA samples much sooner in the process so that violent offenders can be taken off the street before they strike.

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