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Baltimore County man sentenced to life in prison in killing of ex-wife and her boyfriend

By Pamela Wood, Contact Reporter, The Baltimore Sun on July 11, 2018 View Article from Source Dominick Daniel Hursey, convicted of murder in the killing of his ex-wife and her boyfriend last year, was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole, Baltimore County’s state’s attorney announced.

A Baltimore County jury found Hursey guilty in March of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Chinika Shari Hursey and Steven Scott Campbell.

Hursey, 44, also was convicted of two gun-related charges.

Chinika Hursey and Campbell, both 36, were found shot dead in their Randallstown bedroom on April 3, 2017. Police and prosecutors said that Dominick Hursey had gone to the home at 4 a.m. and killed them, later returning to the scene to cover up the crime by making it look like a burglary.

Two of Chinika Hursey’s children were home at the time of the murders, police and prosecutors said. Her 4-year-old daughter was found outside and shoeless that morning.

The Hurseys had divorced in 2010 and later got back together, but were not in a relationship at the time of the murders, according to testimony during the trial. Chinika Hursey had obtained a protective order against Dominick Hursey, and he was required to surrender his guns, but he said he didn’t have any. He also was awaiting trial on assault charges against her at the time of the murders.

Prosecutors presented evidence during the trial of a bag with a bullet, shell casings and a bloody glove that matched DNA belonging to Chinika Hursey and Campbell. Dominick Hursey had called a friend from jail after his arrest and directed the friend to get rid of the bag, prosecutors said in court.

During the trial, Dominick Hursey’s attorney, Margaret Mead, said her client had no motive to kill Chinika Hursey and said the two had resolved many of their differences.

Mead filed a motion for a new trial for Dominick Hursey, which was denied Tuesday by Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Mickey J. Norman.

“This was a very tragic, sad event,” Mead said in an interview. “Mr. Hursey maintains his innocence and we intend to file an appeal.”

Mead said the appeal will primarily focus on Norman’s decision to allow information about the assault charges to be introduced as evidence in the trial, which she believes was incorrect.

Norman sentenced Hursey to life without the possibility of parole, plus a consecutive life sentence.




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