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Scott’s team has prosecuted a number of police officers since taking office. The crimes include assault, sex offenses, drunk driving, and theft. 

The best accountability: body-worn cameras.

As the State’s Attorney for Baltimore County, Scott Shellenberger, was at the forefront in the implementation of Baltimore County’s Body Worn Camera (BWC) program. Scott fought hard to ensure the program was implemented in a meaningful way. As a result, resources were allocated so that not only is the body worn camera footage collected, all videos that relate to a criminal charge are reviewed by Scott’s staff. After reviewing the footage, it is made available to defendants and their attorneys. The footage is often the best evidence in a case, allowing prosecutors to make informed decisions about charging and prosecution. 

As a result of Scott’s leadership, Baltimore County was the first large jurisdiction in the State of Maryland to outfit all patrol officers with body-worn cameras.

As a result of Scott’s testimony in Annapolis, by 2025 every police department in the State will be required to have body-worn cameras.

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