Who is Scott Shellenberger?

In 2019 Scott was appointed to the Juvenile Justice Reform Council.  This Council is charged with:

  • Using data to develop a statewide framework of policies to invest in strategies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism of youth offenders;

  • Research best practices for the treatment of juveniles; and 

  • Identify and make recommendations to limit risk factors that contribute to juvenile contact with the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

In 2019 Scott was appointed to the Task Force to Study Crime Classification and Penalties.  The task force is to study and make recommendations on issues related to the classifications of and penalties for criminal and civil violations in the State.

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In 2017 Governor Hogan appointed Scott to the Maryland Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Policy and Funding Committee. The Committee is responsible for developing and disseminating best practices and recommendations regarding SAEK testing, retention, availability and funding; stakeholder coordination; the shortage of forensic nurses; and victim notification.

In 2017 Scott was a member of the Task Force to Study Erroneous Convictions and Imprisonment.  He was the Chair of the Task Force.

In 2015 Maryland's highest court, the Court of Appeals, appointed Scott to a three-year term on the Rules Committee. This Committee makes recommendations to the Court of Appeals on which Rules of the Court should be amended or added.

In 2015 Governor Hogan appointed Scott to the Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council. That Council makes recommendations to change Maryland's Criminal Justice System that were later passed into law.

In 2012 Governor O'Malley appointed Scott to a Task Force to Study the Laws and Policies of the Public Defender.

In 2012 Governor O'Malley appointed Scott to the Governor's Commission to Reform Maryland's Pretrial System.