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Scott oversees and leads 60 prosecutors who prosecute over 30,000 cases per year in Baltimore County. In addition, he has personally prosecuted some particularly unique and violent cases.

December 2019

Callie Schwarzman, 23, Convicted 2 counts Guilty Plea

  • Automobile Manslaughter 

  • Ran over 5 year old Delaney Gaddis and grandmother, Deborah Limmer

  • 10 years in jail

November 2014

Jeffrey Shiflett, 35, Convicted of 1st Degree Murder 

  • Killed ex-girlfriend, Katie Hadel, in apartment

  • Life without Parole

July 2013

Vincent Davis, 43, Convicted Attempted Rape

  • Victim grabbed off the street and dragged into the woods – 50 years

  • 1993 convicted of attempted rape also prosecuted by Scott

August 2010 

Kimberly King, 29, False Imprisonment, Assault – 40 years 

Germaine Smith-Bey, 31, False Imprisonment, Assault – 50 years

  • The two held a 22 year old woman captive for 4 months, tied up in a bathroom and beaten. Stole monthly disability checks.


May 2010

Charles Friedel, 33, Guilty Plea Soliciting Sex from a 14 year old

  • Soccer coach, sent suggestive text messages – messaging to meet and arrested

  • 1 year in jail

October 2008

Kiheen Taylor, 23, Convicted of Kidnapping and Rape

  • From the light rail station, both victims aged 17, a young girl and her boyfriend

  • Co-defendant, Brian Scott, plead guilty  

  • First time a jail recording has ever been played as evidence at trial

  • Two consecutive life sentences plus 100 years

September 2008

David Miller, 25, Murder of Elizabeth Water and killing of fetus 

  • First fetal homicide prosecution ever in Maryland

  • 2 life sentences

July 2008

Vaughn Garris, 38, Murder

  • Broke into his neighbor’s townhouse and stabbed victim, Chontae Waters.

  • Life without Parole

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