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"Scott Shellenberger has an excellent track record of standing up for the wrongfully convicted who subsequently were exonerated, and supporting diversion and treatment programs."

- Senator Delores Kelley
See my testimony HERE.

"We need Scott Shellenberger's continued leadership, protecting Baltimore County with effective prosecutions and sound judgment."

- Former County Executive Jim Smith

Former County Executives

Don Hutchinson,

Don Mohler, Dennis Rasmussen, Dutch Ruppersberger, Jim Smith

Current Delegates

Jon Cardin, Dana Stein

Police Chiefs

Jim Johnson, Terry Sheridan

Current Senators

Delores Kelly, Kathy Klausmeier

County Council

Cathy Bevins, Julian Jones,

Tom Quirk

Former Senators

Jim Brochin, Bobby Zirkin

Former County Council

Sam Moxley