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44-year-old man convicted of murder for killing 2, injuring 8-year-old in triple shooting

By Sinéad Hawkins | Fox 45 Baltimore • July 14, 2023 | Original Source

BALTIMORE (WBFF) — Antowan S. Clark was convicted of two counts of first-degree premeditated murder for a triple shooting in 2021 that killed two and injured an 8-year-old girl in Baltimore County.

Authorities say the verdict came down from the Baltimore County Circuit Court on Friday.

Baltimore County Police were called to the 5500 block of Lanham Way in Rosedale on March 31, 2021, for a report of gunfire.

Clark was standing at a car's driver's door when the police arrived. The bodies of 42-year-old Nyatiaha Faltz and her 19-year-old son, Grantley Herbert were shot multiple times inside the car.

According to the investigation, Ms. Faltz had a disagreement with Antowan Clark and had asked him to leave her home. Later that evening, Ms. Faltz realized Clark hadn't left the house when she returned from dinner with her son Grantley, her thirteen-year-old nephew, and her eight-year-old niece. Clark pulled out a handgun and shot Grantley Herbert when he entered the home.

After running out of the residence, Mr. Herbert drove back to his vehicle. Clark went after him. Clark then fired repeatedly into the vehicle striking Mr. Herbert twice and Ms. Faltz five times. The eight-year-old girl was shot in the leg while Grantley Herbert was protecting her. Clark was placed under arrest at the scene.

All three victims who were shot were immediately taken to local hospitals.

Both Faltz and Herbert were pronounced dead at Franklin Square Hospital shortly after their arrival.

The eight-year-old girl survived and testified at the trial.

States Attorney Scott Shellenberger released a statement on the incident:

“My thoughts are with the extended family of the victims of this brutal and outrageous crime.”

The jury convicted Clark of two counts of first-degree premeditated murder, one count of first-degree assault, and three counts of Use of a Firearm in the commission of a crime of violence and possessing a firearm after a conviction of a Disqualifying Crime. Judge Robert Cahill presided over the trial and the primary prosecutor in the case was Beverly Smith.

A sentencing date has not been set in the case. Clark faces a possible sentence of Life without the possibility of parole.


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