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Baltimore County State's Attorney reacts to report of juvenile crime being down

By Phil Yacuboski | WBAL NewsRadio • September 13, 2023 | Original Source

New crime numbers show juvenile crime is down, but Baltimore County State's Attorney, Scott Shellenberger, says there might be a reason for that.

"It is wrong to think that crime is just unadulteratedly up for young people in Maryland. It's not. It's down," said Vicent Schiraldi, an official from the Department of Juvenile Services.

Shellenberger said because the legislature eliminated a number of crimes that kids who are between 10 and 12 can be charged with, "then you're going to have fewer cases."

He cited one case involving a 12-year-old who brought a gun to school.

"In 2016, 2017, and 2018, a 12-year-old who brings a gun to school could be charged. Now, they can't. So, they've changed the rules a little bit and I think it's throwing the number off a little," Shellenberger said.

He also acknowledged juvenile crime was down due to the pandemic, however, when it comes to young people; it all centers around gun violence.

"A good chance that they are going to be the victim or potential defendant in a violent crime. Some of the statements around these numbers are a little misleading. You really have to dig down into them."


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